Genuine butter is extremely tasty, and after eating it instead of margarine, it is hard to go back. No matter how hard margarine and spread manufacturers have tried to replicate the texture and taste, anything less than the real thing is not nearly as good. It is possible to make homemade butter without an old-fashioned churn, and although it really does not save money unless you live on a dairy farm and have access to inexpensive cream, the fresh flavor and creamy texture cannot be beat.

Homemade Butter

Try the following easy way to make homemade butter, and enjoy it on everything from toast to hot veggies.

Necessary Supplies for Homemade Butter

To make homemade butter you will need:

  1. one-cup of slightly warmed heavy cream for whipping (at least 36% fat),
  2. one-eighth teaspoon of salt (if desired),
  3. an electric blender,
  4. a spatula, a wooden spoon to press the buttermilk from the homemade butter,
  5. a cool shallow bowl to use as a press,
  6. a container with a lid for storage.

You might also want to have a container ready for storing the small amount of buttermilk that will form during the process. The liquid can be used in homemade pancakes, biscuits, or enjoyed alone. In any case it is worth saving since it is full of nutrients, no matter how small the amount.

How to Make Butter in a Blender

How to Make Butter in a BlenderIf warming the cream in a pan on the stove, keep the heat low, and stir it constantly to prevent scorching. It should only reach about fifty-five to sixty degrees Fahrenheit when preparing to make butter. A thermometer helps, but it is not required. The cream is ready to use when barely lukewarm to the touch.

  • Begin with a clean dry electric blender. Add the slightly warmed heavy cream and salt (if desired), and begin blending it on high speed. Be sure the lid is firmly in place.
  • Within just a few minutes the slightly warm cream will begin to thicken in the blender, but do not give up on trying to thicken the liquid. It takes approximately fifteen minutes to make homemade butter in a blender.
  • Stop blending every few minutes, and push the thick cream down from the sides with a spatula. The homemade butter will begin to look grainy and begin to separate into a liquid and solid form. In time it will condense further and form thick, recognizable homemade butter.
  • Once a mass of homemade butter forms in the blender, remove it with a spatula, and place it in a cool shallow bowl. It will seem more like homemade spread, but this is normal before refrigeration. Once it is refrigerated, the homemade butter will harden and look more like the varieties found in stores.
  • With the homemade butter in the cool shallow bowl, begin pressing out any remaining liquid with a wooden spoon. Tip the bowl to one side, and pour the buttermilk into a container along with any liquid that was left behind in the blender.
  • Pat the homemade butter dry with a paper towel when finished, and store it in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Alternately, the butter can be pressed into a decorative mold.

I advise blenders Vitamix brand. They are powerful and easy to use. Enjoy the homemade butter immediately as a spread, or refrigerate it until ready to use. Chances are it will not last long!

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