If you’re looking for a way to feel better from the inside out, boost your depleted energy, and improve your mental attitude, the fastest and easiest way to start your health turnaround today can be found right in your own kitchen! Surprised? Yes, I was as well, when I first tried making my own homemade vegetable juice. I’m not talking juice from a can, bottle, or box, but juice made from fresh, raw veggies freshly picked from your home garden, gathered at the farmers’ market, or found in your fridge.

Vegetable Juice Recipes

Making homemade vegetable juices may incite groans and sour faces from your family, but you’ll be able to change all of that with just one taste. Believe me, I was a bit skeptical at first myself! But a little creativity and know-how goes a long way toward making your juice taste great. Even if you think you are all thumbs in the kitchen, or you simply do not have extra time for juice preparation, believe me, you can do this! I experimented in the kitchen and invented easy, quick juice recipes to get you started on your way to increasing your daily intake of vegetables.

There are just a few simple things you’ll need to get started on path to homemade, tasty juices:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Vegetable brush
  • Sharp knife
  • Solid cutting board
  • Good quality juicer (a juicing machine that separates the solid fibrous material of the vegetable from the pulp)

For these recipes, you will simply need to clean off the vegetables with water and a vegetable brush. Don’t worry about peeling carrots; simply scrub them clean.

Morning Rush Juice

I wanted something easy that I could make in the morning with my eyes barely open! This juicing recipe fits the bill perfectly. The carrots pack a sweet punch and will make a juice fan even out of the most finicky eaters.

  • 4 medium sized carrots
  • 4 stalks celery
  • 2 handfuls of baby spinach, lettuce, or any other greens you have on hand

Wash all vegetables thoroughly. Place greens in juicer first. Push greens through the juicer with the celery and carrots, cut down to juicer opening size. If you find the juice too strong for your taste, simply dilute with purified water or spring water. Get ready to feel an energy rush! Makes 2 servings.

Summer Italian Delight Juice

Summer Italian Delight JuiceThis recipe sprouted from bringing the best of my summer garden indoors and making good use of overflowing crops.

  • 4 Roma or other Italian-type tomatoes
  • 1 handful large-leaf basil
  • 1-half head of Romaine or loose-leaf type lettuce
  • Optional: 1 clove garlic (use elephant garlic for a milder taste)

Push garlic through the juicer first and then follow with lettuce, basil, and tomatoes. Makes 2 servings. If desired diluted, place ice cubes in juice.

It’s best to drink the juices soon after juicing to capture the most vitamins and nutrients from your handiwork. I like placing the juice in a reusable canteen that I can carry with me on the go – when I’m out on a walk, in the car, or commuting to work. I also like to shake the juice frequently to keep the juice mixed.

If you are saving the juice for a later time, place it in a reusable canteen and refrigerate. Make sure to drink the juice within 24 hours for the freshest taste.

Once you try these super-simple juice recipes, you’ll be inspired to invent your own delicious and healthy juice combinations.

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