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Our restaurant type here at La Mama Acasa is firmly Eastern European, with our signature dishes being those of Romanian and Turkish origin, however you'll find our menu is far more varied than you could assume at first. if you want a taste of Romania first, you can have a first taste through our stuffed cabbage and pepper, with a filling of pork meat and traditional sauces that will provide you a new from to experience the tastes, but of course our traditional Romanian stew would be one of our crown jewels, combining various types of meat with our selection of freshly picked vegetables, our Romanian stew provides an experience any meat lover will enjoy. On the Turkish side we offer a variety of spiced lamb dishes, with pastrami and lamb chops being our most popular ones. However we are Eastern European, and that means way more countries, in particular you'll find a large portion of Italy with us, due to our large menu of pasta and pizza, which will provide a more familiar menu for the kids and those who just want a classic meal.

About La Mama Acasa menu

La Mama Acasa, located in Ilford is our own little corner of Eastern Europe in the middle of the UK, aiming first and foremost to provide our customers with an authentic experience that will transport them to new places, the wooden furniture coupled with authentic eastern patterns combine to provide a design that both offers class, but also represents the relaxed nature of the eastern communities. Our food also aims to be as authentic as possible, combining classical cooking methods with the modern knowledge of our chef staff to provide food that truly provides the original taste to perfection, the combination of classic and cozy provide an unique experience you are bound to love, this our corner of Europe, and our includes you as well.

La Mama Acasa restaurant

We are located in the Ilford area of Redbridge, near Brixton, right in Cranbrook Road, specifically we are located in 81 Cranbrook Road Ilford IG1 4PG, our restaurant is right next to the city's famous Valentine Park making it a comfortable and convenient stop for anybody sightseeing on city, and a road you are likely to visit on your trips. However while we'd love to see you visit in person this is still a takeaway restaurant, and both delivery and pick-up are available online through our site and official app, La Mama Acasa, available both on Google Play and Apple's App Store. With such a varied and authentic menu, we offer the best to our customers, so make sure to visit us or order from us in the near future, we will have the best dishes waiting for you.